Art & Craft Pack - Star Limpet

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Pack Contents: 100g pack

Shell Size: Approx 2cm. 100g Pack is likely to contain in excess of 100 shells

Description & Application:
These shells are predominantly white with distinctive black star markings. They are suitable for crafts, with candles, and as table decoration.

Limpet is the common name used for many kinds of salt water and freshwater snails that have a shell which is conical in shape. The majority of the species can be found adhering to rocks or other hard surfaces and once covered by algae they can often closely resemble the surface itself
Limpets usually live in the intertidal zone and remain safely attached both during severe wave action and in direct sunlight during low tide.
Interestingly some species return to the same spot on the rock just before the tide recedes. In such species, the shape of their shell often grows to match the contours of the rock helping it to adhere more securely .
From Our Hands To Yours - Shell Source
Before being cleaned and sun bleached the meat from these shells provides a valuable food source for island families like ourselves throughout the Indo Pacific Region. Every day we collect limpets and winkles from rocky pools, and rather than being sent to landfill, the empty shells are approved for export by our Department of Fisheries and this provides us with an income.

Limpets are cooked and eaten in many different parts of the world, for example, in both Hawaii and Portugal limpets are considered a delicacy.
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