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Art & Craft Pack - Cats Eyes

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Price: £3.40 each 
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Pack Contents: 50g

Shell Size: Approx 15-20mm

Shell Count: Pack is likely to contain between 15 to 20 eyes.

These fascinating "eyes" are not shells in the strictest sense but are better described as the bulkhead door used to close the opening in a limited number of Turban shells.

Just like the UK whelk, many gastropods produce a leathery foot or operculum which prevents the creature from drying out at low tides. However, the turban shell takes this to an extreme, secreting an pearl-like cabochon shaped eye which has been prized throughout history for personal adornment and decoration.

Also commonly referred to as Shiva's Eyes these white shells have a pale green undertone with a number having further red/brown markings.

Designation: Turbo Goldmouth (Turbo Chrysostomus ), Tapestry Turban (Turbo Petholatus )
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