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Shell size: Generally between 5-7.5cm in length.
The number of shells can vary but as a working guide 1kg is likely to contain approximately 40 to 50 shell pieces.

Description and Application:
Sea washed and sun bleached natural oyster shell for crafts and interior/exterior decoration. Add layers of interest to informal table settings and capture memories of relaxed tidal walks with these water-worn decorative accessories.

The shells as supplied will predominantly contain both the curved cup side of the shell and the the flats but not as matched pairs. These shells are the Pacific (Japanese) Oyster which has been introduced throughout Europe for aqua-cultivation.

Our clients use these shells as a natural pH buffer in ponds.

Source: Oysters are one of the most widely farmed shellfish in the world - our shells are recycled from established food sources.

Background: Oysters are bivalve molluscs which live by filtering plankton in marine and brackish waters. Many varieties of oyster are prized foods being rich in zinc and other minerals.

Oysters in History: Whitstable in Kent has been noted for its Oyster beds since Roman Times. Not only did the Romans eat the meat but the shells were burnt to form a very effective cement.

As shown in our additional image, in the 19th Century oysters were seen as an inexpensive food by the working classes.
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