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Spondylus - Feature - 15-17.5cm

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Shell Size: 15-17.5cm (6-7 Inch)

Description & Application:
A stunning naturally hinged white shell pair, the ultimate gift wrap for pearls, diamonds and perfume.

The shells are supplied as a an original matched pair, however, the hinge may have become dislocated during the cleaning process.

Background :
Species of these shells are found in both Atlantic and Pacific waters where they cement themselves to rocks like true Oysters. These showy shells, occasionally known as Chrysanthemum or thorny oyster shells are a real collectors item.

Just like the human elbow, the shells have a unique ball and socket joint connecting the two halves of the shell.

Spondylus in History:
Neolithic man has been shown to have traded spondylus shells harvested from the Aegean Sea. In the central Americas shells collected from the coast of Ecuador were used by Andean peoples as offerings and as a currency.

Classification: Spondylus varians Sowerby
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