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Shell sizes: The shells are in a range of sizes nominally from 150mm to 250mm (6 to 10 inch)

Description & Application:
Treat yourself to the simple natural pleasure of these fully cleaned "sea washed" shells in muted shades of white, pink, coffee and cream for a chic seaside look. The shells have been specifically selected to provide opportunities for planting alpines and cactus. Our clients have used these shells for garden features, artwork, crafts and professionally for photo-shoots, decoration in restaurants and event theming.

These shells are not offered as perfect feature shells as they may be either wave-worn, or have damage to edges or spines, however, they are ideal for use as natural sea washed features especially when incorporated into beach sand or with rounded pebbles

Collection may vary from that illustrated, but will contain at least one melon and a mix of, Frogs, Spider, Murex, and contrarium . Details of individual shells can be found in our Feature Shell Section

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