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Polished Left Handed Whelk - Large - 15-17.5cm

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Shell size: 15-17.5cm.

Description & Application:
A polished version of the popular shell that spirals contrary to the normal direction of most marine gastropods.

If you look at spiral shells they invariably spiral to the right. No one knows what causes a shell to spiral to the left, however, left handed examples of normally right handed shells are extremely rare and prized by collectors.

The most famous rare left handed shell is the Chank shell Turbinella pyrum The right handed form of the species is common in waters off the coasts of India and Sri Lanka, but left handed specimens are extremely rare and revered by Hindus.

Our contrarium shells are one of the very few gastropod species that regularly produce a left handed shell.

Just to confuse everyone completely.... in the West we view the shells with the pointy bit upper most and see them as either right handed or left handed , in Hindu culture the shells are seen the other way up so the left handed shells then become the common ones and the right handed ones are the rare ones ........ vive la difference !!

Classification: Busycon contrarium Conrad
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