Pearl Undosa (Wavy Turban) 9cm

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Shell size: 9cm (3.5 inch)

Description & Application:
This specimen sized and flawlessly polished natural turban shaped shell is exclusively and only available through Marine Arts in the UK.

Utmost care is taken to select top quality specimen shells that are expertly polished by hand to remove the shell's outer layers and reveal its hidden mother of pearl beauty.

This specimen shell provides for an ideal special gift, as coffee table centre piece, for bathrooms or as a beach themed room centre piece.

The shell comes in its own draw string bag.

These beautifully pearlised shells are part of the Turban family and due to their undulating form are often known as Wavy Turbans.

Like many shell species it is those that inhabit nutrient rich cold waters that put on the muscle ! This is very much the case with the Wavy Turban which is found in the cold Western Pacific waters off the Californian coast. The shell is frequently an order of magnitude larger than its warm water turban cousins indigenous to temperate Eastern Indo-Pacific waters. Exceptionally in deep water shells have been found that are up to 15cm (6 inches) from tip to base.

Today the shells are commercially fished for both their meat and mother of pearl. However, these shells have been shown to have been collected by Native American people long before Europeans set foot in California.

Classification: Megastraea UndosaWood
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