Natural Scallop Cups and Flats

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Natural scallop shells in shades of pearlised white and pink/brown. Use for exterior garden decor, the creation of shell grottos, adornment of beach huts and marine themed art installations. Shells come as a random mix of cups (Bottom of the shell) and Flats (Top of the shell)

Pack Size: 250Kg non returnable bulk bag


Shell Quantity: 250kg is likely to contain in excess of 3000 shells (12 shells to the kg)
Side by side 250kg of shells is likely to cover an area an area of approximately 30 square metres.

Natural, UK Sourced scallop shells in shades of pearlised white and pink/brown. The shells come as a random mix of cups (the bottom half of the shell) and flats (the more colourful top of the shell) The shells will be wet and may have some broken edges, however, they are ideal for film sets, landscaping, and producing settings for theme parks. We would not recommend these shells for interior display unless they are further washed and dried.

In garden design the shells feature widely in shell grottos, for adornment of beach huts and path edging as "pretty maids all in a row ! "

This grade of shell is not recommended for food use.

Colour & Form:
We take great care to provide accurate images, however, as a totally natural product shade variations and irregularities can occur, we consider these add to the fascination of the collection.

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Background: Scallops are marine bi-valves found in all the world's oceans. In total there are some 350 species many being highly prized as a gourmet food.
Scallops are active swimmers and actually migrate the oceans.

Scallop Shells in History: The scallop shell is the traditional emblem of Saint James. Medieval Christians making the pilgrimage to the apostle's shrine at Santiago de Compostela in Spain carried a scallop shell and would present themselves at Churches, castles, Abbeys etc. where they could expect to be given as much sustenance as could be picked up with one scoop.

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