Mosaic Stone Slice - Black Granite - Craft Pack

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Tumbled natural black granite, sliced into wafers approximately 9mm thick. For use in Art and Craft Work in particular for scale model bases, aquaria and mosaics.

Pack Contents: 5 Stones
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Stone Size: 40-70mm long, Approximately 8mm thick

Description & Application:
Wonderfully tactile tumbled natural black granite, sliced into wafers approximately 9mm thick. For use in situations where full thickness stones would not be suitable, including Art and Craft Work, in particular as stable bases for scale models as well as decorative use in aquaria and for mosaics.

Product is difficult to drill with conventional tools, but can be worked with diamond tipped drills and saws.

Car body filler is a versatile and effective "glue" to attach shells and other items to stone slices.

Wash in clean water before use in aquaria.

We take great care to provide accurate images, however, variations in shade and markings can occur with natural marine products.

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