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Mixed Large Shells - 11kg Bargain Box (Mix 5)

Product Code: 8849
Minimum Order: 1 11kg Box
Price: £56.60  
Current Stock: 78.000 Kg

Quantity: 11kg Box
£56.60 total
Price shown per box of 11kg and Includes FREE DELIVERY

Our exclusive Brixham Box packed full of colourful shells.

Shell Count: This 11kg Brixham Box is likely to contain in the order of 400 shells

Shell sizes: The shells are in a range of sizes nominally from 40 to 75mm (Around an inch and a half to three inches across.) We call these our mix 5)

When used in glassware, our 11 kg pack will fill up to 24 x 1 litre containers, or, if placed shoulder to shoulder for example in mosaic work 1 kg is likely to cover approximately 1 Sqm.

Description & Application:
Fully cleaned, beautifully colourful natural shells from approved sources for crafts, interior and exterior decoration and window displays. Our clients have used these shells for photo-shoots, decoration in restaurants and event theming as well as studies of art-work and crafts.

Collection may vary from that illustrated.

The shells are packed in our clean and convenient to handle white polystyrene "Brixham Fish Box" within a cardboard outer. The boxes ensure the shells arrive in perfect condition and are immediately available for production or merchandising without the need to open intermediate cellophane packaging. Brixham Boxes are light weight, compact and shelf stackable (External size: 380mm x 380mm x 280mm) with an internal capacity of approximately 20 ltrs.

Retail Notes:
Link this shell mix with our 1 ltr clear plastic buckets (product Code 8219) to make an irresistible sea-side retail combo. The Brixham box will fill up to 24 x 1 litre buckets.
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