Melon Shell - Medium 10-12.5cm

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This light-orange / cream melon shell the basis for a range of crafts and can be used as a small planter

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Shell size: 10-12.5cm. (4-5 Inch)

Description & Application:
This is one of the smallest melon shells we sell, for bigger melons - type melon into the Search box on the top right of this page.

This light-orange / cream and occasionally striped shell forms the basis for a range of crafts and can be used as a small planter

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Source & Environment:
Natural sea shells, a by-product of licensed fishing. Approved by authorities in both the country of origin and the UK

Melon shells thrive in relatively shallow waters and prefer to inhabit muddy bottoms often around mangrove swamps. Their worldwide distribution is quite limited, however, the shells are collected as a food source by subsistence fishing communities from Burma to the Philippines.

The larger shells can often be seen in rural markets in the Philippines where they are used to measure out rusks and grain, whilst off-shore, the shells are referred to as bailers, due to their capacity to store water and their use to bail out boats.

Import / Export Identification: Melo Melo Lightfoot
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