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Heart Cockle - Shell Pair - 3 Pack

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Price shown per pack of 3 shells each of two matched halves

Shell size: 10-12cm. The internal space of the closed shell is similar to that of a cricket ball.

When used as serving dishes these cup shaped shells have a level capacity of approximately 250ml in each half when supported on ice or similar.

This giant Pacific cockle has a perfect symmetrical shape giving rise to its name derived from the Greek word for heart.

This cardium is one of approximately 200 species of cockle shells generally found on sandy beaches throughout the world.

The shell is sold as two matched hinged halves (although the hinge has been dislocated) Our clients have used this shell for event decoration, and as a presentation piece containing gifts.

The shell may be secured closed with either a ribbon or more permanently using bath sealant or "no nails" around the edge.

Use of Shells for Food Presentation.

Seashells offered by OnLine Shells for serving dishes comprise the mineral Calcium Carbonate. We are not aware of any other compounds or minerals within the seashells that would preclude their use as food presentation dishes.

Seashells have a complex layered construction, making them extremely strong, and light weight. In many cases seashells are stronger than ceramic plates, but be aware that chipping can occur with thinner shells, especially blue mussels and river clams.

Whilst seashells are dishwasher safe we would suggest that hand washing may be more practical. Online Shells have been thoroughly cleaned, however, post cleaning the shells are stored under warehouse conditions and appropriate measures should be taken commensurate with established food hygiene practice before using seashells for food presentation.

The very nature of the seashell defines it as being non-porous. However there can be occasions when deterioration of the surface can cause a pitting which could potentially harbor bacteria if the shells are multi-used.

Shells like these cockles are known as bi-valves. These make for the best presentation due to their bowl-like shape and the ability to clean them thoroughly on all surfaces.

Seashells can be used for cooking and presentation of hot food. Do not put seashells in the microwave.

Seashells can also handle the cold. When used as display pieces in the chill cabinet repeated cycles of washing may dull the seashells’ colour. This can be restored with a very light coating of olive oil.

Classification: Plagiocardium pseudolima Lamarck

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