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Drilled - Oyster Shell Garland

Product Code: 8370
Minimum Order: 1 No.
Price: £4.99 each 
Current Stock: 31.000 No.

Quantity: No.
£4.99 total
Price shown per 25cm garland

Shell size: Approx. 40-50mm

Shell Count: Each garland is likely to contain approximately 50-60 pieces

Description & Application:
Exclusive to Marine Arts in the UK, these natural sea bleached and cleaned oyster shells have been skillfully drilled with a single hole before being tied with a transparent thread and finished with a white ribbon. The shells are predominantly "flats" the other side to the cup shell of which we are most familiar.

As a garland the shells are ideal as chair-back, door handle or curtain tie decoration . However the shells can be cut from the clear nylon binding and retied individually with ribbon, thread or wire to create personalised jewelry, bouquets & wedding favours and seaside themed garments.
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