Art & Craft Pack - Snakeshead Cowrie Shells

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Minimum Order: 1 No.
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Pack Contents: 10 Shell pack

Shell Size: Approx 3-5cm

Pack Size: Pack 12x 10cm.

Description & Application:
Natural polished Snakehead Cowrie shell with distinctive mottled markings. Sourced from approved Indo-Pacific sources for crafts, jewellery and interior/exterior decoration.

Background: All species of Cowrie shells are egg shaped and have a shiny porcelain like appearance, making them popular for jewellery and decorative purposes. Depending on species Shells can vary size from just a few millimetres to up to 15cm in the case of Tiger Cowrie.

Cowrie Shells In History: Cowrie shells have been viewed as symbols of womanhood, fertility and wealth. The shells have also been used by many societies as currency and as gaming dice.

Safety Information: Not suitable for children under 36 months as the shells may present a choking hazard.
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