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Cowrie Tiger Large 7-9cm

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Shell size: 5-7cm.

Description & Application:
Ever popular selected natural shells from approved sources for crafts and interior/exterior decoration.

All species of Cowrie shells are egg shaped and have a shiny porcelain like appearance, making them popular for jewellery and decorative purposes. Depending on species Shells can vary size from just a few millimetres to up to 15cm in the case of Tiger Cowrie.

Child Safe Sea Shell:
This shell is considered to be suitable for experiential learning including observation, creativity and interaction for Children over 3 years of age. (See Child Safe Sea Shells in our Info pages.)

Cowrie Shells In History: Cowrie shells have been viewed as symbols of womanhood, fertility and wealth. Small cowrie shells have also been used by many societies as currency and gaming counters.

On a practical note shells were used for stretching the heels of socks in order that holes could be darned.

Classification: Cypraea tigris Linne
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