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Cones Leopard - Large 7.5cm

Product Code: 8674
Minimum Order: 3 No.
Price: £3.60 each 
Current Stock: 112.000 No.

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£10.80 total
Shell size: 7.5-9cm.

Description & Application:
Selected cone shells, from Indo-pacific waters. Many of the shells are prized for their striped and speckled markings - the Leopard Cone being an especially popular shell with amateur collectors.
A popular shell for interior / bathroom decoration.

The Conidae family of shells comprises at least 300 species, and are successful predators feeding on small fish and other molluscs. The creature living within the cone shell is able to immobilise its prey with a harpoon-like tooth which can be extended beyond the length of the shell. The venom can be very painful and has been known to be fatal to humans on rare occasions.

Import / Export Identification: Conus Leopardus Linne
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