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Capiz Sea Horses - 80mm - Single Drilled Hole

Product Code: 8554BL
Minimum Order: 10 No.
Price: £0.24 each 
Current Stock: 790.000 No.

Quantity: No.
£2.40 total
Shell Size: Approx 80mm 

Hole Diameter: Approx 1-2mm

Description & Application: 
Exclusive to Omline Shells in the UK, these blue coloured Capiz shells have been skillfully fashioned into the shape of sea horses, and hand drilled with a single hole.

Embodying a natural elegance and style seldom found in artificially manufactured materials, Capiz shells provide a unique media for arts and crafts projects. Lightweight yet deceptively durable, and having been drilled with a single hole allowing for the creation of elegant design such as lampshades, curtain screens and wind chimes.

Background & History:
Capiz Shells or Windowpane Oysters are marine bi-valves found across the Indo-Pacific region and particularly abundant around the Philippine province of Capiz. Although edible, they are valued both for their shells and the occasional pearls they produce. Being translucent, the shells were traditionally used as a natural window. In recent years the Capiz shell has been extensively used to manufacture decorative interior features such as chandeliers, lampshades or candle light reflectors.

Designation: Placuna Placenta
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