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Barnacles - Medium & Large Clusters - 7.5-17.5 cm - Bargain Box

Product Code: 8445
Minimum Order: 1 No.
Price: £124.00 each 
Current Stock: 5.000 No.

Quantity: No.
£124.00 total
Shell size: 7.5-17.5cm. ( 3-7")

These absolutely stunning pink and white barnacle clusters are offered as 80 pieces of assorted size in our 40ltr Brixham Fish Box. Designed to cater for situations where a mass of shells is required for instance in merchandising displays, events and photo shoots. The shells in this box are likely to cover in the order of 0.6m2 if laid shoulder to shoulder

Box weight approximately 14kg.

Collection may vary from that illustrated.

Background: Barnacles are distantly related to crabs and lobsters and in total there are over 1200 species.

Barnacles in History Barnacles were first studied by Charles Darwin and used in part to illustrate his theory of evolution.
Large barnacles are cooked and eaten in many parts of the world.
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