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Art & Craft Pack - Tiger Cowrie Shells

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Pack Contents: Two Shells

Shell Size: Approx 5 to 7cm

Description & Application:
Ever popular selected natural shells from approved sources for crafts and interior/exterior decoration.

All species of Cowrie shells are egg shaped and have a shiny porcelain like appearance, making them popular for jewellery and decorative purposes. Depending on species Shells can vary size from just a few millimetres to up to 15cm in the case of Tiger Cowrie.

Cowrie Shells In History: Cowrie shells have been viewed as a symbol of womanhood, fertility and wealth. Small cowrie shells have also been used by many societies as currency and gaming counters.
From Our Hands To Yours - Shell Source
On many Tropical islands, with harvested seafood having provided a nutritious meal, the shells are gathered up and taken to the local neighbourhood recycling facility.

The most recent bag of shells brought in for recycling contains cowries, cones and spiders. My job is to quickly sort the shells into types, size and quality in order that my boss can pay the family for their contribution to reducing waste on the island.

Once cleaned the shells are often made into craft items to further increase their value.
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